UF College Democrats Environmental Caucus

The Environmental Caucus aims to raise awareness of current environmental issues, policies, and regulations on the local, state and national level. This caucus engages in activities that educate our members on issues and participates actively in improving our environment. The Environmental Caucus works on projects including signing petitions for issues that require public input, working on clean-ups, educating the local community on their environment and issues impacting it, and visiting natural spaces.

We also work to promote sustainability efforts on campus and in the local community. We work with other environmental organizations to increase our involvement and impact at UF and in the greater Gainesville area.

2013-2014 Caucus Chairs 


Kate Heffernan is a junior majoring in Political Science and Natural Resources Conservation. She is beyond thrilled to serve as the co-chair of the UF College Democrats Environmental Caucus and for the opportunity to share her love for the outdoors with the UF College Democrats community. She loves hiking off the beaten path, being politically active, kayaking, Barack Obama, color guard, cooking locally sourced food and Al Gore.



Harold Joseph is a second year political science major and sustainability studies minor. Harold is excited to serve as a co-chair of the Environmental Caucus during the 2013-2014 school year. He loves Beyoncé, Scandal and Skittles.


To find out more about the UF College Democrats Environmental Caucus, visit our Facebook page.

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