UF College Democrats Hispanic Caucus

The overall mission of the UF College Democrats Hispanic Caucus is to inspire, unite and sustain the hopes of the Florida Hispanic community, engage in a conversation for change, and stand to create a unified presence for all Hispanic American college students at the University of Florida.

As the Hispanic Caucus, we represent and express the views of Latino students that identify with the Democratic Party. Our goal is to raise political awareness and increase political participation within the Hispanic community through advocacy for or against specific local, state and federal legislation that affect Hispanic constituents. We also work to increase the presence and strength of the Hispanic vote at the polls on election season through voter registration drives within the Hispanic Community.  By promoting political participation and involving more Hispanics in the political process, the Latino community would better express their views and concerns with issues of great importance to the Latino community.

2013-2014 Caucus Chairs

Natalia Perez Santos is excited to serve as this year’s Hispanic Caucus co-chair. She is a second year Political Science and History double major, minoring in European Union Studies. Natalia enjoys Netflix, the Constitution, and talking about her study abroad experience ad nauseam.

Alex Montero is third-year political science major with an interest in international affairs, specifically Latin America. He enjoys listening to music, eating new foods and meeting new people. He wants to make a change to the perception of the Hispanic political struggle in America

Find out more about the UF College Democrats Hispanic Caucus at our Facebook page.

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