UF College Democrats Women’s Caucus

Issues directly pertaining to Women have always been center in the political spotlight. The Women’s Caucus’ mission is to raise awareness to those issues of women’s rights, wage disparity, international inequality, and the image of women in media and society. The Caucus promotes men and women that run for political office who share democratic views on women empowerment in the local, state, and national level.

The UF College Democrats Women’s Caucus is part of a statewide movement to improve and heighten the awareness of women’s rights on campus, in the community, and through the state as a whole. As a caucus of the UF College Democrats we work alongside one of the most active clubs on campus in promoting women’s values and issues through events, days of action, and a constant presence as the progressive voice of the female population.

2013-2014 Caucus Chairs 

Frances Chapman is a co-Women’s Caucus Chair and a second year political science and Arabic major. Frances enjoys reading, playing the carillon, and listening to NPR. Her favorite politician is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, destroyer of patriarchy and UF alum.



Kaitlyn Lane is a freshman majoring in Economics and Political Science and is very excited to serve as the co-chair of the UF College Democrats Women’s Caucus. She loves Stephen Colbert, reading, and The West Wing.


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