Social Committee

The social committee handles the planning and coordination of all official social events for our organization, ensuring that we take a break from political organizing to simply have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.
The major events planned by the committee are the Holiday Party at the end of the fall semester, and the Spring Banquet in the spring. Both of these events are extremely important, because they are a chance not only for College Democrats to kick back and relax, but for members of the surrounding Democratic community to mix and mingle with us.
The social committee is not limited to these two major events; it has the ability to coordinate any number of social activities for members of the UF College Democrats. The committee is convened by the executive board each year. It is active for both the fall and spring semesters.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is an extremely important group within the UF College Democrats, because it has the task of reviewing our governing document and suggesting necessary changes. Our constitution guides all club activities, from the composition of the executive board to our budgeting process, and it must reflect the structure of the organization.
After detailed revisions in the summer of 2011, our constitution was essentially rewritten to better fit our organization’s practices and goals. The need for constant oversight is still present, however, and the Committee has the ability to suggest needed improvements to the executive board and the general body.
The Constitution Committee must be convened each year by the executive board, and its meetings are open to all active student members of the organization. Read our constitution and bylaws.