LGBT DOA for Mayor Craig Lowe

LGBTFEB2UF College Democrats recognize the importance of local elections, and realize that, in order to keep Gainesville moving forward, progressive candidates like Craig Lowe must be elected to office. Craig Lowe has served admirably as mayor of Gainesville. Since his swearing in, Gainesville

LGBTFEBhas seen over 1,800 new jobs, a balanced budget each year, lower property tax rates, more police officers and firefighters, and expanded city services.

While his list of accomplishments is lengthy, Lowe also stands apart as one of the few openly gay mayors in the United States. Lowe has fought hard, even before he became mayor, to protect and expand LGBT rights in Gainesville. This is why, last Saturday, the UF College Democrats LGBT Caucus asked students to put on their walking shoes and go canvassing to help reelect Mayor Craig Lowe.
An openly gay mayor is a great boon to the LGBT community of Gainesville, and can go a long way towards preserving the LGBT protections we have won in Gainesville. However, last election, Lowe won only by a slim margin of 42 votes. The LGBT Caucus hopes that through its day of action, students will realize what an impact a few hours of volunteering can have on such a hotly contested local election.

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